Taking deep breath's is vital to health. The inhalation nourishes the blood with oxygen, and the exhalation rids the body of cellular waste. The key point to many ancient forms of exercise is how they influence the breath. I recommend at least one hour of moderate exercise per day that focuses on breathing. Our bodies where designed to move, so in general the more movement we can do, the better.

  1. Hatha yoga - Yoga in general heals the body, clarifies the mind, and clarifies feelings as well as promoting health and well being.
  2. Bioenergetics or Core Energetics - Physical exercises that help open and release emotions in and blockages in your body.
  3. Tai Chi, and Chi Gong - Increases the flow of Chi (energy in your body) and harmonizes the energy channels in the body.
  4. Walking - Move your body as often as possible, especially in nature.

Meditation: Many meditation practices focus on listening or acknowledging the breath. Practice slowing down and acknowledging your breath, several times per day, or more.

Other Good Exercise:

  1. Jogging - Once or twice a week I jog on the beach.
  2. Swimming - Every two weeks or so I swim in the ocean.
  3. Surfing - Best sport on the planet.

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