Wisdom, like a babbling brook flows from within, and all it needs is an ear to listen to it. It is with this fundamental truth that I've delved into my investigations around health. When you align with a deeper part of your self, you align with the whole of creation. This whole wants you to be a peace with life.

Ultimately, only your inner wisdom and feelings can lead you on a path to health and happiness. Sometimes wisdom can be felt in the center of your heart.

There are possibly hundreds of treatments and opinions and diets. And in the future there will be hundreds more concerning health. The only way to know what is right for you is to listen to the wisdom of your body. Hundreds of times per second your body is sending electrical impulses to your brain, which tell you exactly what your body needs for health. If we have a habit of not hearing these impulses, we may no longer be aware of our health needs.

MoonMy suggestion is to take full responsibility for your health, and to listen to that babbling brook within you. Listen to that felt sense that feels motivated to try one thing, and unmotivated to try another. It is a sense of self, of knowing who you are, and of knowing what's right for you, and it takes practice. Use that sense as a guiding light.

In case you've forgotten, here are some reminders.

  • You are in control of your health
  • You are in control of your life
  • You are able to heal yourself
  • You know what is right and wrong for yourself
  • You can find spiritual wholeness
  • You choose who you listen to, and who you ignore.
  • You choose who treats you, and who doesn't treat you.
  • You choose to what extent you'll research your health, and to what extent you'll ignore it.

So as you go through this web site, I encourage you to be objective about what you read, and to try only the practices that are right for you.

Your Return

Your return is also a prayer praying for the return of Christ (the savior). The return of the infinite compassion, love, and wisdom that might redeem us. In times of intense pain, or great joy, we might wonder, when will you return, when will I get to see you? Your return is also a prayer calling forth the return to oneness, to a state of grace and spiritual wholeness. It is asking God, for deliverance, for a return to him. And that will only happen through you and by you.

Wisdom cannot be found in books (or web sites), it comes from within

"There was a brilliant young philosopher. On occasion I would read something he had written or be inspired by a quote or another. I wondered that how at such a young age he had seemed to have broken open a world of wisdom often left only to the aged and the learned. Always amazed me sometimes to the point where I would look for some phallacy or indication of his youth, and yet he was flawless in his interpretations and philosophies. And I think for me it was valuable to dissociate the idea of learning and growth and wisdom from mear physical years and quantity of time and to recognize the innate nature that wisdom springs forth from. That isn't necessarily bound to number of scriptures reviewed and revised. It is a self that is natural like a babbling brook that is single/simple in it's aspects. When you ask for guidance on your path I refer to this learning for myself of the young philosopher because sometimes we lean too much on the books the systems to define us and direct us and we loose that innate natural quality that bubbles forth from within us that just needs an ear to listen to."

Guidance from the Yogi Sri Yukteswar


Meditation to find the disease process in your body

1. Find a quiet place

2. Relax your body and take a few deep and cleansing breathes

3. Soften your mind and allow your mind to receive more sensory perceptions from your body. (you can stop here and take note what your body is telling you, and also notice where your attention is drawn to in your body)

4. Feel the part of your body that feels sick, or has a problem, or is in pain.

5. Again soften your mind and then receive where in the body that is connected to


Your Return, A Prayer
Wisdom Comes from

Simple Meditation

From the author of YourReturn.Org

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