Herbs, Urine (Yes, Urine), and the Universal Oral Vaccine

Hippocrates, the person who created the hippocratic oath which doctors take, commonly prescribed a 10 day fast with raw milk to heal people of tuberculosis. Edgar Cayce, a physic channeled healing cures for thousands of people frequently involving a variety of herbs. Aspirin, a common drug was originally used by Native American's, who made a tea from the bark of the Willow Tree. Herbs also fill in an important dietary gap. Our ancestors had a wide range of plants which they foraged from, generally several hundred per tribal group. Today we eat only from approximately 40 plants based food sources (oranges, apples, tomatoes, ect). Herbs have a variety of vitamins and constituent's that are hard to find elsewhere.

I just discovered the seawater can be used to cure and heal different diseases.

Using the resources that I've listed on my links page, as well as google, I researched the various ailments which I had. I then made my own diagnosis of my problems, and then I've tried various cures to see what works. The most powerful curative agents I've found other than super foods like cod liver oil, are herbs and urine. (When using herbs please be aware that they can react with prescription drugs, and they can be dangerous, but are generally harmless, always consult your inner wisdom, and your natural health care provider first.)


Many systems of medicine use herbs as healing mechanisms. For example: Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and Indigenous Cultures. The reason why herbs are less popular now, has to do with the fact that herbs cannot be patented and sold for high prices like pharmaceuticals. Many times herbs are very safe to use with little side effects, they effect the flow of energy in your body, and help you tune back in to Nature's divine template for health. Learn about some herbal treaments from Dr. Christopher. (This is a reference to start learning about herbs)


The Universal Oral Vaccine

"An oral vaccine exists that is:

  • 100% safe for 100% of those who use it;
  • can be taken orally without any distaste;
  • can be manufactured in virtually every country in the world with the technology available to each country;
  • is so cheap that virtually everyone in the world can afford it;
  • boosts the immune system, accelerates healing of injuries, helps repair nervous system damage, burns fat and builds lean muscle, increases vitality and stamina, and elevates mood;
  • is ubiquitous, in that it will protect against any organism (including virus, rickettsia, parasite, protozoan, bacteria, mycoplasm, yeast/fungus, amoeba) or any allergen (including exogenous and endogenous sources), and might – just might – dry up to blow away a number of cancers?

Over 4,000 clinical studies worldwide describe and/or support the use of this oral vaccine for hundreds of different diseases. Would you like to have this vaccine?" Read more...

The summary of this article, and I have never tried it, is to inject a cow with the blood of an individual. After the cow has a calf, you drink the first milk called the colostrom. The cow produces the healing response for your body. Good luck.

Urine Therapy - It has cured people *see precautions

Suspend your disbelief, and possibly your disgust, urine might be able to cure you or take away your pain.

A woman spent 30 years of her life suffering from a variety of illnesses including years of almost non-stop illness. She had pelvic inflammatory disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto's disease, mononucleosis. She had severe chronic kidney infections, two miscarriages, chronic cystitis, severe candida, and endometriosis. No doctor could cure her, surgeries did not heal her. She was doomed to live a life filled with suffering. Now, because of urine, she lives a rich and full life and is disease free. Her name is Martha Christy and after she recovered she wrote a book called, "Your own Perfect Medicine"

John Armstrong had an "incurable" case of tuberculosis, which he cured by fasting on water and urine for 45 days. He wrote a book called "The Water of Life" He supposedly cured 1000's of others using the same method.

What I can tell you for sure about urine therapy is it has powerful healing properties. It also may not work in some cases, but I feel confident that many issue's can be healed through urine.

There are two main ways to take your urine.
Caution: If you're taking antibiotics or not, it is up to you to judge whether either urine treatment is safe or not, I honestly do not know. And remember the wise saying, "The worse it tastes... The better it is for you." Cheers!

The Universal Remedy is an autotherapuetic homeopathic mixture.

  1. In a small bottle with a dropper mix and shake well:
  2. Two drops of urine and one tablespoon of water
  3. Take at least every two hours, for at least 48 hours. Except when your sleeping.

The Gulp it down technique involves drinking as much urine as you like.

  1. Take it from the middle of the stream
  2. flavor with your favorite fruit juice, or have it plain.


During any form of internal use of urine, the following should be observed:
1. Urine Therapy should not be started if medical or any other form of treatment is being used. Two days should intervene between the stopping of medication and the commencement of Urine Therapy.
2. People with liver, kidney or heart disease, in whom protein intake and water balance is a problem (for example if there is swelling of the tissues of the legs, abdomen, hands, etc., with water), should consult an experienced therapist or doctor before starting urine therapy
3. Pus filled urine should not be used in urine therapy. Only those people with great faith and experience would attempt to treat infections of the kidney, bladder or urethra with urine therapy.
4. Diet for the most intense forms of the internal technique (that is three or more glasses per day), should be low in protein and salt. Refined, processed and synthetic foods should be avoided, for example, white sugar, refined flour, tinned food, and so on. Spicy food may make the urine pungent and difficult to drink.
5. Intake of alcohol and tobacco should be reduced to the barest minimum, or preferably avoided totally if possible.


Urine Facts

Fresh urine is sterile, meaning it doesn't contain any disease causing pathogens (Or at least if you drink it, your digestive system can easily eliminate the pathogens)

Amniotic Fluid is pretty much urine. Normally the baby 'breathes' this urine-filled amniotic fluid into its lungs.

Urine is 95% water 2.5% consists of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salt and enzymes.

Urea is an organic compound of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen

Urea is also one of the most important natural moisturizing factors

Drugs are made from urine, some costing over $1,400 per month.

Urine has anti-aging properties

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Urine therapy and it's benefits


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