The practice of modern hygiene

Modern hygiene strengthens your body's immune system by preventing too much burdens from toxic environmental elements from entering all at once.

  1. Do not use antimicrobrial soap or dishwashing liquid.(see right hand column)
  2. Wash under your fingernails at least once per day by digging the nails of your hands deeply into a bar of soap. (We autoinnoculate ourselves by touching our fingers to our eyes and nose, so the fingernails need to be clean.)
  3. Teeth - See my teeth section
  4. Nose and Eye's -
    1. Place two to three tablespoons of Celtic Sea Salt in the water
    2. You don't need to mix it, just let it settle for a moment
    3. Place you eye's in the water and open them for as long as possible, it might burn a little bit, like the ocean. Also blink many times.
    4. Inhale through your Nose, ideally getting water up in your nose all the way through to your mouth. That clean's out the nose.
    5. Your done, and ready for the day.
    5. Ears - There's four ways to clean them
    1. Buy Ear Oil drops at Avena Botanicals
    2. Buy Clenzology ear drops
    3. Make your own with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and water
    4. Use a luke warm version of the Universal Remedy

Buy the cleaning product
Clenzology, an excellent hygiene system, one place you can get a good price is here.

Dirt is good for us

Sterilization using anti microbial substances does more harm than good, preventing the immune system from adapting to the outside environment; this is especially important where allergies are concerned.

One gram of soil - enough to fill a sugar packet - can contain as many 1 billion microbes with as many of 10,000 different species of microbes. Learn more... Some microbes excrete antibiotics or metabolize phosphorus and iron bonds. The earthy odor of the soil is due to them.

When our environment is clean, our immune cells that do not have adequate exposure to soil microbes tend to overreact when they do come into contact with them. Dirt can also heal the intestinal system which can become diseased from lack of dirt and improper diet.

Bacteria's in our intestines do everything from manufacturing vitamin K, to altering our genes.

Learn more about dirt in The Maker's Diet, by Jordan Rubin

Can Dirt Heal?

Dirt may be a healing wonder, just any type of dirt. I'm still experimenting with dirt. Read about some miracle dirt.


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