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“Most traditional cultures, however, acknowledge a special time in the first weeks or months for mothers and babies to get to know each other and rest together. The mother is well cared for an may be treated with healing rituals such as massage or heat application… The rural Indian mother, for example, may spend forty days in seclusion with no other task or distractions than to establish a secure nursing relationship and become attuned with her baby. By the end of this time, she is quite confident in her understanding of her infant’s elimination needs. That’s forty days of focused time, in which she is nurtured, taught, and supported by the experienced mothers around her.”

Source: Diaper Free, Ingrid Bauer, Page 211

The time of rest an bonding is also a chance for the Mother’s body to heal and recover from the birth. The time of healing needed is different for each woman. It can range from a day, to over one year even with a normal birth.

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