Natural Infant Hygiene

This essential means, having your child not wear diapers.

“Natural Infant Hygiene is common in [India], Asia, Africa, and parts of South America, and was traditionally practiced among the Inuit and some Native North American peoples. For these mothers, knowing when their baby “needs to go,” and holding them over an appropriate place, is (or was) second nature….When the mother knows or feels that her baby needs to go, she can remove the diaper or clothing and hold the baby in a secure, close position over an appropriate receptacle.”


“In this way, parents lovingly meet their baby's vital needs, enhance bonding, deepen their communication, avoid rashes and diaper changing struggles, bypass conventional toilet training, save money and the environment, and significantly reduce diaper use.”

“Rather than teaching a baby to eliminate into his or her intimate clothing and cleaning up after the fact, parents learn to listen and respond in the present moment to the baby's needs and communication.”


In our practice of natural hygiene, we had pee going everywhere. We have a cotton futon we sleep on that has been peed on at least 100 times. Luckily young children’s pee does not smell, and we just cleaned it up. Also if you use this practice, at first you may need more pairs of clothes because some clothes will get peed on.

From Michelle: “Practicing Natural infant Hygeine has deepened my Bond with my child. It has been very challenging and at the same time. Now after over-coming challenges, it is worth it.”

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Natural Infant Hygiene

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